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Malaysian flight MH370: Prophecy and Current Events | Prophecy News Watch

Malaysian flight MH370: Prophecy and Current Events

Perhaps the most significant item in the news today is around the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370. People are at a loss how an aircraft can completely disappear without a trace in a world full of modern technology. However prophecy and current events often have answers best heeded in order to avoid such tragedies. Unfortunately the world is never truly able to listen to such things.

logo prophecy news watch logo 2 blackIn July of 2013 a Nigerian pastor foresaw the tragedy which the world is experiencing today. He said that an Asian nation would suffer a terrible event in which an airliner would be lost and sadly he said it would be due to human error. He knew that the destruction of an airliner would lead to the loss of the crew and passengers. Yet the world is never ready to listen when such prophecies are foretold.

It is very easy to pick away at the facts and say anyone could have made such a prophecy. For example because the pastor predicated this event would take place in an “Asian” country it is easy to say anyone could predict such a thing in such non specific terms. Yet the pastor did not feel it was right to say what country was involved and instead warned Asian countries to be cautious and check their jets carefully to avoid the tragedy from occurring.

Another fact is that the pastor indicated 200 people would be on the flight. In the case of flight MH370 there were 239 passengers and people again say this is a common number that anyone could use as a vague indication of something that might occur. The pastor also indicated that the debris of the plane would be found deep within the ocean between the Indonesia and Indian Ocean. Again this was considered vague yet that this is where searches are underway.

Although there is yet to be further information on what truly happened, perhaps if people had stronger faith they might listen to the words of the prophet and use them to assist in setting the minds of the families at ease. It is important to note that the same pastor predicted a train would derail in Europe perhaps France or Spain and sadly this came to be true as well.

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