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Are we too Afraid to Listen to Modern Prophets? | Prophecy News Watch

Are we too Afraid to Listen to Modern Prophets?

Prophecy in The News is often regarded as nothing more than hype- that there are more false prophets out there than there are true prophets. This unfortunately is probably true yet it begs the question “Why can we not have faith that God still speaks to us through prophets?”

Prophecy14Faith does not come easily for many and this is very sad. Faith can be the one thing that frees you from doubt. Doubt is a poisonous element in your life as it stops you from doing the things you want to do. It also can make you make bad choices. Doubt can appear as self doubt or doubt in others. Without faith it is very difficult to forge long lasting friendships or commit to a meaningful relationship. It also stops you from succeeding when the doubt you have is in your own abilities. Can we learn to take a leap of faith and listen to what prophecy in the news has to say?

You should ask yourself why you choose to believe there cannot be modern prophets. Is it because it is a scary prospect? Could it be that you have not been living your life in step with God and you are fearful of what a true prophet might have to say that could challenge your current way of life? Prophecy in the news makes remarkable commentary into the state of the world and how it relates back to the bible as well as how the present and future will fall into prophecies already made.

Many people are only concerned with prophecies and how they relate to end of days. Yet prophecies do not only relate to the second coming and all that is involved. Prophecy in the news must address current events, how these events affect us and are particularly of interest to how they relate to the Christian lifestyle. Those with faith will often take comfort in prophecy and seek them out for their own personal lives whereas others focus on the big picture and what it means to the world in general.

A leap of faith might seem like something you are unwilling to take. Yet if you begin to listen to what modern prophets are saying you might find it allows you to begin to strengthen your relationship with God.

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